Adult Saddle Winner 1992


Suburban Ranches
Fall Saddle Series 2013-14

Start Time 6:00pm
Age Groups as of Sept. 1, 2013

April 26 - Third Saturday

Pole Bending
Modified Bowtie Poles
Cloverleaf Barrels

Call before you haul @ 281-255-4542

SRRC Summer Series Flyer

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From the BOD:

We hope everyone has a safe and Happy Easter. Remember we will not be riding 4-19-2014 but will be rinding on 4-26-2014 and it will be third weekend events.


SRRC wants to thank STEWART BUILDERS and CAMPBELL CONCRETE & MATERIALS for their donation of labor and materials to SRRC. During our Christmas break a concrete pad was built in front of our sign-up and concession area. STEWART BUILDERS and CAMPBELL CONCRETE & MATERIALS we know that everyone will enjoy the sure footing you have donated to our club.

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Unofficial Standings have been updated - 4/13/2014.

Work points have been updated - 4/5/2014

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